MongoDB Cloud- Atlas in azure portal

How is Having an Atlas cluster here on different than creating a cluster in Mongodb atlas from within the Azure portal Saas offerings

Hi Abhishek,

The experience is the same: the Azure marketplace portal offers a way to purchase (e.g. it’s more of a payment vehicle than a change to the product experience)–generally used when you’re talking to MongoDB folks and are working on a custom purchase. Either way you get the first class Atlas on Azure experience


Thanks for the response Andrew.
I understand the fact that MDB atlas instance in azure marketplace is just used for billing purposes however, I’ve a few questions/doubts which i cant wrap my head around.

  1. how to get my azure account’s mongodb Atlas connected with mongodb website (especially when the azure account is of an organization and there’s a single sign on for me to be able to login to azure). is there any documentation present on internet for the same?

  2. in azure, there’s option for Mongodb cloud as well. how is that different than mongoDB atlas?

  3. Why is the paid plans mentioned on mongodb ui and azure portal have dissimilarities.

Azure marketplace pricing: MongoDB Cloud (Atlas)

pricing on mongodb:


Hi Abhishek,

I reckon you’re using AzureAD for SSO: you can configure that for Atlas here via docs here

If you’re asking about Cosmos DB: it’s important to understand that that’s an emulation of a subset of MongoDB and of course not the real thing: faking a database has a large number of downsides. More detail here:

Regarding paid plans: the marketplace offers annualized subscriptions that you typically purchase with a sales person whereas the UI shows what you can get on a credit card today.



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