MongoDB Charts PDF reports

Hi there,
Currently, there is a requirement to have a pdf report download option for Mongodb charts (reports). Is there any option or workaround available within Mongodb atlas.
Any inputs would be helpful.


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Hi @Praveen_Elumalai, welcome!

A work around is to right-click a chart and save as an image as PNG (with transparent background). This feature is built-in into supported browsers. You can then either convert this to PDF, or utilise it into a document that can be imported into a PDF.

There is a feature tracking for this export ability on - 923524. Feel free to vote and/or comment with more information on the feature tracker.


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Thanks @wan for your comments. I will vote for the feature. Business users will not like it to do these additional things if the current old system based on Google data studio got this feature :slight_smile:

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