MongoDb Charts for On prem database

Dear Team,

In our Company we have data present in MongoDB on prem. We are just trying to use the On prem database in the MongoDB charts for our reporting and dashboarding purposes.

I have Done the below mentioned steps
--------docker pull

--------docker stack deploy -c charts-docker-swarm-19.12.2.yml mongodb-charts----

After that I have run the ```
docker service ls and successful it is showing the details as mentioned in the screenshot

Now how to use the chart and what is the URL.

I tried https://localhost:80 but not working

Through Docker I am unable to find any option to open the browser.

It looks like it is publishing 80 and 443 so one should work. You’re trying https over port 80, an unlikely combination.


Chris is correct. If that doesn’t help, try following the steps at