MongoDB chart data source load failed " There was an error when loading the data source fields"

hello, I was working on the data source created by the data lake from the MongoDB chart.

but, data source load failed

Initially, the data source load was successful, but errors began to occur after entering the query I created in the query bar.

The query I made is this.


I want to know why this error occurs.

Hi @Hyunjun_Cho ,

I would recommend opening an atlas support case as this seems like an internal errors and internal logs should be investigated.

Now additionally try to run the pipeline on that collection in a mongoshell and time the run. Charts have a timeout (i think120sec ).

Another possibility is that the add to set creates a huge array crossing 16mb limit (just a guess as I don’t know the size of data set)…


hi @ Pavel_Duchovny
Thank you for your answer.
There’s something I don’t understand.
When the same data is stored in Atlas and s3, For Atlas data sources, queries are normally applied.
An error occurs when the data source in s3 is retrieved through a data lake, and I wonder about the difference between the two.