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Hello guys,

There is a kind of professional certification dba beyond associate or even a master program in the future plans from MongoDB team ?

Alexandre Araujo

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I have been thinking in doing certification, but if you go to linkedin, there is not alot of jobs looking for mongodb people certified.

So in short, maybe that is why they have the same certifications (dev and dba) from the beginning.

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That is strange in linkedin with the large adoption of MongoDB. The other curious situation i have been thinking from a dba perspective is due the fact MongoDB has a massive investments in Atlas instead dba stuffs. I want be wrong but i don’t think the future is so promising for a MongoDB DBA.

on DBA perspective, yes you are correct. But still a lot of companies have hybrid scenarios (dev on prem and Atlas or the other way around, in my case i have both)

But if you search C100DEV or C100DBA in linkedin jobs, you get 0 jobs or if you search “MongoDB Certified” you will have 2 job posts (1 DBA e 1 DB Architect).

More strange, if you go to mongodb careers page if you look they dont even talk about it in their job offers. So, if even mongodb itself does not put that in job offer, why other companies would do it? :slight_smile:

For the academy/training/hr teams looking at this post, sorry for the harsh feedback

P.s move back to slack. The community was way more interactive and there was job and certification channel.

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@Jamie would it make sense to have a Jobs and/or University/Certification categories here? I believe that the University courses might still be using Slack or another platform.

@Mario_Pereira as for moving back to Slack, well I’ll stay out of that conversation. There are pros and cons to all platforms. :wink:

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There is a Careers category.

On the main page navigate to About the Community -> Careers


I’m pretty happy with it. I know my employer was supportive and appreciative of it. And I’m pretty sure it would also give an edge over another candidate without one.

Myself, I wish that were the case.


You are correct @Prasad_Saya. Being that no one has posted to it I have missed it. :frowning:

Thanks for calling that out.

Hi @Alexandre_Araujo,

Thank you for the feedback. More advanced certifications are on our roadmap, but I do not have a specific timeline to share.

MongoDB University currently has a separate Discourse instance ( for discussion of courses and related topics like certification. This University forums are only available once you have enrolled in a course, and have course-specific support discussion.

The longer term plan is to consolidate discussion in the MongoDB Community, but that project has some additional coordination, planning, and technical requirements.



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