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Can we have group for discussing around certification, sharing difficulties while purchasing exam slot etc? Are there any other threads where we can discuss about it or anyone can share there ideas / problems they are facing?


I was also looking for any discussion but noting available so far…
Instead of searching more it is recommended to follow the below link :blush:

Yes. MongoDB Manual itself is enough for everything. In addition to that, Very well designed University courses are great resources. So if you stick to the exam guide and prepare yourself with Manual and university, It can be easy to pass an exam. But it’s always something that you wanted to discuss with your colleagues / batch mates / community mates who are preparing for the certification, facing same difficulties you might be facing, doing self check whether you’re on the right track of preparation and does everybody follows the same track / trick / ideas or someone have magic lamp outside.

For an example,While preaparing for DBA exam, I have purchased exam seat but haven’t selected a slot yet and I am unable to find a link to select a slot. In that case, Someone from the community, having an experience or have already suffered from this situation can help and direct one to the right place immediately.

This is just a case, There could be many more things and its always a pleasure sharing knowledge, getting knowledge and being around like minded people.

Hi Guys,

I haven’t seen many blogs about C100DBA so I decided to share my tips.


The recent University forum migration brought across the Certification Exam category for discussion of certification exams and study guides.


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