MongoDB CCNY Tech Tour

Hi all :wave:

Last week, MongoDB was invited to join the CCNY Tech Tour. It was a great event where students were learning about the MongoDB data platform, seeing how MongoDB is used in game development & getting hands-on experience connecting to MongoDB Atlas with the PyMongo driver. We had a great time interacting with the students!

If you’re interested in this session: you can find the video here.

In this talk, you’ll hear about:

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • MongoDB & Unity: three live (game) demo’s by Developer Advocates Nic Raboy & Adrienne Tacke.
  • Hands-on Activity using PyMongo and by Curriculum Engineers Julianna Chen & Yulia Genkina
  • Q&A on internships, career advice and MongoDB

A big thank you to CCNY! Let us know what you think and good luck with your project!