MongoDB C# Query with Multiple AND Conditions for Array(Phone Numbers)

I have a MongoDB collection named “Applicants” with documents containing information about applicants, including their last name, type, and an array of phone numbers with different types like “home”, “cell”, and “office.”

Here’s a sample JSON representation of an “Applicant” document:

  "_id": ObjectId("61791ecf2abf206fd5e5e322"),
  "LastName": "Smith",
  "Type": "P",
  "PhoneNumbers": [
    { "Type": "home", "Value": "111-111-1111" },
    { "Type": "cell", "Value": "222-222-2222" },
    { "Type": "office", "Value": "333-333-3333" }

Now, I need to perform a query to find applicants with specific phone numbers, e.g., “home” and “cell” phone numbers. I am using the MongoDB C# driver and want to use FilterDefinition for this purpose.

I have tried using ElemMatch method with multiple conditions, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected. Here’s my current attempt:

var filterBuilder = Builders<Applicant>.Filter;
var homePhoneFilter = filterBuilder.Eq("PhoneNumbers.Type", "home") & filterBuilder.Eq("PhoneNumbers.Value", "111-111-1111");
var cellPhoneFilter = filterBuilder.Eq("PhoneNumbers.Type", "cell") & filterBuilder.Eq("PhoneNumbers.Value", "222-222-2222");
var queryFilter = homePhoneFilter & cellPhoneFilter;

Unfortunately, this doesn’t return any results, and I suspect that combining the homePhoneFilter and cellPhoneFilter using & might not be the right approach.

Rendered Query:
following is expected render query

  "PhoneNumbers": {
    "$elemMatch": { "$and": [ { "Type": "home" }, { "Value": "111-111-1111" } ], "$and": [ { "Type": "cell" }, { "Value": "222-222-2222" } ] }