MongoDB c# Driver for NET Framework 4.5?

How can I use MongoDB c# Driver for an assembly using NET 4.5?

Hi @Winnie_Pooh,

Per the C#/.NET Language Compatibility reference, the most recent version of the C# driver compatible with .NET 4.5 is 2.13. Note: this also requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher.

If you are still having trouble connecting, please provide more information:

  • Version of MongoDB C#/.NET driver
  • Version of .NET framework
  • Version of MongoDB server
  • Description of problem encountered including relevant error messages or code snippet to help reproduce the issue


Hey Stennie,
I am going to create SQLCLR functions for work with MongoDB.
SQL Server supports NET 4.5.
In other words I need compile my dll +NET 4.5 and then move it to SQL Server.
I tried to change NET for my assembly 4.8->4.5 but it does not compile because MongoDB driver NuGets are not comptaible.

  • I use the latest MongoDB Driver and the freshest MongoDB

Hi @Winnie_Pooh,

The latest MongoDB C#/.NET driver (2.14) requires .NET Framework 4.8.

Per my earlier note, the most recent version of the driver you can use with .NET 4.5 Framework is the MongoDB C#/.NET 2.13 driver. The 2.13 driver is compatible will all current production versions of MongoDB server (4.0 through 5.0).


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