MongoDB C++11 Driver 3.6.4 Released

The MongoDB C++ Driver Team is pleased to announce the availability of mongocxx-3.6.4.

Please note that this version of mongocxx requires the MongoDB C driver 1.17.0.

See the MongoDB C++ Driver Manual and the Driver Installation Instructions for more details on downloading, installing, and using this driver.

NOTE: The mongocxx 3.6.x series does not promise API or ABI stability across patch releases.

Please feel free to post any questions on the MongoDB Community forum in the Drivers, ODMs, and Connectors category tagged with cxx. Bug reports should be filed against the CXX project in the MongoDB JIRA. Your feedback on the C++11 driver is greatly appreciated.


The C++ Driver Team

The initial 3.6.4 release had incorrectly tagged the commit c585e14fabf865c76c916bc1300bd59454ac0f4d with the tag r3.6.4. However, the release tarball was built from the correct commit. The tag was corrected the following day to refer to the commit 8a9ce93234f020f250c6dea1434865984c64e2c0. We apologize for any disruption this may have caused.

If you updated tags during that time, you can correct the tag in your cloned copy as follows:

$  git tag -d r3.6.4
Deleted tag 'r3.6.4' (was c585e14fa)
$  git pull
 * [new tag]             r3.6.4     -> r3.6.4
Already up to date