MongoDB Builder - Unsupported filter error

I want to achieve the below linq query using builder in MongoDB:

var filterList = new List();
var notes = MongoContext._database.GetCollection(“NotesCollection”).Find(new BsonDocument()).ToList();
var result = notes.Where(note => filterList.Any(filter => note.Title.Contains(filter)));

The above code is returning the result from the NotesCollection where the Title contains any string from the list.

I dont want to get the entire NotesCollection and apply lambda expression on it to get the result. Instead im using the Builder from mongo and applying the lambda filter condition to get only the required data from collection.

var builder = Builders.Filter.Where(note => filterList.Any(filter => note.Title.Contains(filter)));

This is throwing me an error saying "System.ArgumentException: 'Unsupported filter: Any(value(System.String[]).Where({document}{Title}.Contains({document}))).'

Kindly let me know how to achieve this in mongo

Hi Any help on this query is highly Appreciated.