MongoDB BI Connector, slow query - pipeline creation order

Hi, we need to know if we can set the priority of the aggregation pipeline when using MongoDB BI Conector.
To be more precise the need is to specify in the “first stage”, the one used for the indexes, which is the execution order.


count(*) as Total
FROM collection1 c1
INNER JOIN collection2 c2 ON c1.processId = c2.processId
INNER JOIN collection3 c3 ON c2.diagramObjectId = c3._id
INNER JOIN collection3_configuration_names c3n ON c3._id = c3._id
WHERE c1.arxDocInfo.docnumber= 999
AND c2.objectType = 2
AND c3n.configuration.names.value = ‘Sample’

We’d like the first stage to be on collection1 so the query can use the index created on arxDocInfo.docnumber, the connector instead runs firt stage on collection3 which is the one where all the lookup begin.

The problem raises bacause the query in this case runs very slow.


Hi Matteo,

Did you by any chance get an answer to your question ? I’m experiencing the same performance issues with the BI Connector.

Thanks !

Hi Matthieu,

unfortunately we had no aswers and we were not able to optimize the use of the connector.