MongoDB BI Connector schema update in MongoDB Atlas


I’m facing an issue using the BI Connector from Tableau to our MongoDB Atlas cluster: the schema of a collection doesn’t update to new fields.

The connection works like a charm, and we can process the schema as it was when we created the Tableau datasource, but there’s no way to use the new updated schema (simply some additionnal fields) even by creating a new Tableau datasource from the collection.

Unknown column 'event.body.platform' in 'field list'

The BI Connector is installed on our secondary nodes and should refresh the schema every hour according to the configuration, but there no way to see what’s happening inside the connector and Tableau constantly raise an error when trying to add the new field in the datasource.

Any help will be very much appreciated as I don’t see any solution at all (except maybe moving to the new “Atlas SQL Interface” in the Atlas Data Federation, but it’s not a real answer).