Mongodb Best Practices On Windows

Hello Community,

One of my client is running MongoDB v3.6.23 community edition on windows server 2016.
I searched but I don’t find any Documentation for Best Practices on Windows environment for running MongoDB. Customer have OS dependency causing them to run this older version as well as run it on Windows.
So can you guys help me with any link to best practices to run Mongodb on Windows ?

thank you in advance !!


Hi @jay_87395 and welcome to the MongoDb community forum!!

The following documentation on How to install MongoDB community version on Windows would be the recommended documentation to follow for installation.

According to whats stated in the documentation, the latest community version MongoDB 6.0 works with the above said Windows server 2016 OS version.

Below are a few recommended links which would be helpful to run MongoDB Community in production environment.

Also, MongoDB version 3.6 is an older version of MongoDB. My recommendation would be to upgrade to the latest version for new features and bug fixes.

Let us know if you face any issues while following the above documentation.

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Hello @aasawari_sahasrabuddhe .

I will check the links provided and I have got few parameters related to windows environment.

Thanks !!


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