MongoDB Badge about user tutorial

Hi, i want to know that from where we can view/complete the new user tutorial and advance user tutorial.

Completed our advanced user tutorial
Here is some description about that, kindly share it with me.

Completed our new user tutorial:
This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial. You’ve taken the initiative to learn the basic tools of discussion, and now you’re certified!

Completed our advanced user tutorial

Here is the link of badges site

You should have a message from leafybot to start the tutorial.

you can start it by sending leafiebot a message, from the messages page on your profile.

@leafiebot start tutorial


Hi @Nabeel_Raza,

A private message from Leafiebot is sent when you join the site, and will have the subject “Greetings!”.

To find out available commands (including how to start the basic or advanced user tutorial) you can reply in your personal message thread with @leafiebot display help.

The basic tutorial can be started with:
@leafiebot start tutorial

The advanced tutorial can be started with:
@leafiebot start advanced tutorial


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