MongoDB Atlast Charts iFrame Embed with Filters

Hi, we are able to embed the charts created in MongoDB Atlas in our application. While creating the charts in Atlas we can use a number of filters, which is great. But what we are not able to get out of this feature is that after we embed the MongoDB chart in our application, we would like our customers / clients to continue to use the filters as well. So we wanted to know if there’s any way we can include the MongoDB’s own filters to also get embedded within the iFrame.
I know there’s a way we can pass filters through the iFrame URL, but that will require us to develop the filters for each report. We would like to create charts in atlas and just embed the iframe in our apps and let users control what kind of data they want to see and filter them as well. We want to remove any dependency on coding and development and give full control to our support team as well as the end users and clients.

Hi @Shreyas_Gombi -

While the embedded dashboards do not include the filtering UI, you can get this UI if you use the option to share a dashboard through a public link. This URL can be rendered in an iframe if desired.


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