MongoDB Atlas webpage is blank after signing in

Hi, there:

I couldn’t see my atlas page loaded (only got a blank page) after signing in with Okta from my company’s account. There’s no obvious error printed from the chrome console, and I’ve tried the followings, and none of them works:

  • Use Incognito mode;
  • Completely clear all my cookies & history and re sign-in;
  • Reboot my computer and start everything over;
  • Tried VPN;
  • Tried both Safari & Chrome, same blank page.

Anyone having the same issue? Anyway I can get support from the MongoDB team?

Hi @Yu_Zhang - welcome to the community.

The behaviour described does sound odd. Have you tried on a different machine with the same login? Additionally, is anyone else in the same Atlas organization experiencing the same issues?

Just to also clarify the above, is your Atlas organization configured with federated authentication?