MongoDB Atlas Support Googlechat webhook?

I wanted to send the Alerts in my Google Chat space, For that I configure Webhook in Atlas UI, but when Alert trigger, Message is not coming to Google Chat ?
Any reason behind why message is not come to my Google Chat space.

Hi @Shivam_Tiwari2,

It sounds like you’ve configured the webhook integration in the Atlas project. Correct me if I am wrong here. In this case, have you configured the Alert itself to send to the webhook URL (as per step 3 in the below example screenshot)? :


Yes @Jason_Tran I have configured the Webhook.

and I also configued Webhook in Integration

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Thanks for sending those screenshots confirming.

I haven’t used the alerts configured with webhooks specific to Googlechat but I’ll try to check to see if this is supported.


Looks like Googlespace is expecting a text field in the response based off : Created a text message

The response / message sent from Atlas for an alert based off my testing:

  "created": "2023-09-04T23:29:36Z",
  "alertConfigId": "REDACTED",
  "groupId": "REDACTED",
  "eventTypeName": "FTS_INDEX_BUILD_COMPLETE",
  "links": [
      "rel": "self",
      "href": ""
  "id": "64f6686065adf706c973cdf4",
  "humanReadable": "Project: TEST\n\nOrganization: TEST\n\n----------------------------------------\n\nINFORMATIONAL\nSearch Index Build Complete\n\nCreated: 2023/09/04 23:29 GMT\n\n    INDEX: default in db.collection\n\n\n----------------------------------------\n\n",
  "updated": "2023-09-04T23:29:36Z",
  "status": "INFORMATIONAL"

The response / outgoing alert message fields cannot be configured. You can perhaps make a feedback post for this or check with Google if google space can accept these responses and convert them to text for the google space / chat.

Thank you @Jason_Tran for this answer.

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