MongoDB Atlas Serverless - VPC Peering


I have spent the better part of the day trying to setup network peering between a SERVERLESS MongoDB Atlas and a GCP. I managed to setup peering between the Atlas project and GCP but whenever I try to connect from within GCP, connection failed due to IP whitelisting. What I found was that both the private connection string (-pri) as well as the normal connection string are resolved only to the public IP, hence traffic is routed through the internet bypassing the peered VPCs.

After a lot of frustration I finally found: which seems to state that for SERVERLESS MongoDB clusters VPC Peering does not yet work. Could someone confirm that this is indeed the case?

Hi @arnomi,

Yes, as per the documentation you have linked - VPC peering is not supported for serverless instances as of the time of this message. However, Private Endpoint connections using Private Service Connect will be coming soon for serverless instances.


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