MongoDB Atlas returns error "cannot find user account after reload"

I’m getting this error when accessing Mongo Atlas from my Spring Boot app:

    "ok": 0,
    "errmsg": "cannot find user account after reload",
    "code": 8000,
    "codeName": "AtlasError"

I couldn’t find any topic about this exact error message. Does anybody know, what does it mean?

Hi Tomáš, did you figure this out? Spring Boot is widely used with MongoDB Atlas: I wonder if you’re using a version of the driver that’s potentially older and doesn’t support MongoDB Atlas’ short SRV connection string? (If so you can get the long legacy connection string in the Atlas UI). However this may be a red herring, inspired by a similar issue reported in

Thank you.
No, the link you post seems to be a different error. Before, our application has been running about a month without any error. Now, after restart, the error also disappeared. However I have filled a bug and waiting for an answer. See