MongoDB Atlas/Realm Services VS Firebase

Hello, I am trying to create a list that shows services provided by Firebase and MongoDB Atlas. I listed some Firebase services and wrote the equivalent MongoDb service next to it. I added questionmarks to some of these services, when I could not find an equivalent service. Can anyone confirm that MongoDb does not provide a builtin solution where I added the questionmarks ?

  • Firebase Machine Laerning - MongoDB does not offer smth similiar?

  • Firstore, Realtime Database (data store) - Similiar to MongoDB’s data store

  • Authentication - Similiar to MongoDB’s Authentication

  • Cloud Function/Triggers - Similiar to MongoDB’s Functions/Triggers

  • Cloud Storage - Similiar to MongoDB’s GridFs

  • Google Analytics - ?

  • Remote Config - ?

  • Performance Monitoring - ?

  • Crashlytics(automatically collect, organize and analyze your app’s crash reports) - ?

  • Test Lab(A feature to run your application on real devices and sport errors early on) - ?

  • Cloud/In-App Messaging ( send users messages/push notifications) - ?

  • Dynamic Links - ?