MongoDB Atlas Peering with Cloud providers VPC

Hello my applications are hosted on GCP and AWS both and are trying to connect to MongoDB Atlas hosted on GCP.

I understand we can successfully peer with GCP as my Atlas cluster is hosted in GCP.
However any deployment model and strategy we can adopt to basically secure the channel between AWS(application) and GCP(MongoDB Atlas DB) ? So the calls do not travel via public internet and are always within the peered cloud network.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

i also encountered the same issue. Have you resolve the way? @Saurabh_Johri

It’s important to understand that to go from one cloud provided to another will require transit via public IP. However it’s also important to understand that all connections to an Atlas cluster require TLS network encryption over the wire. Remember that TLS network encryption (e.g. what also makes HTTPS possible) is the bedrock that makes the entire internet something we can use with built-in privacy as a general rule: peering can be understood as essentially a second level of encryption but as we enter a trustless security mindset it’s important to look at the building blocks for what they are