MongoDB Atlas Online Archive for timeseries collection

Hello there

I would like to archive a timeseries collection. I am aware that the archive function for timeseries collection is in preview. As my database does not contain productive data, but still quite much of it, I still would like to make use of the Online Archive feature. As the documentation says, there should be a checkbox, where I can select “This is a Time-Series Collection”. But there is no such checkbox. Is there a way to create an online archive for my timeseries collection?

Hi @Simon_Bieri ,

Great to know that you want to test out Online Archive (OA) for Time series collections for non-prod data.

Can you confirm if your cluster is on Azure or GCP ? Because at the moment, OA for Time Series is only available if your cluster is on AWS. You will not see the checkbox if your cluster is on Azure/GCP. For testing out Online Archive on time series at the moment, you’d have to create archives on AWS clusters only.

Thanks !

Hi @Prem_PK_Krishna

This is exactly the case. My cluster is on Azure. I will migrate my cluster to AWS to be able to test this feature. Thank you very much!