MongoDB Atlas New Relic Integration

We are trying to integrate MongoDB Atlas Dashboard with New Relic. There is an New Relic integration which uses Percona’s MongoDb exporter. We have a replicaset deployment in MongoDB Atlas and we have managed to get metrics in New Relic but metrics does not have node type breakdown. We could not have the secondary node dimension for most of the metrics . Does anyone experience such an issue? How can I have an workaround to have a secondary node mertics?
Thank you

Good evening, welcome to the MongoDB community.

Generally, the metrics are the default ones that Atlas makes available. If you wanted more specific/personalized metrics, you can use the APM agent to collect these metrics from each node/cluster.

Would this solve your problem?

Hi @Samet_Doksanoglu,

Welcome to the MongoDB community! As Samuel mentioned, you may be able to perform more customization/personalization within the APM, New Relic. It seems like the New Relic integration does provide information on the replica set state. Is this what you are referring to? You can see “rs_state” included in their documentation here.