MongoDB Atlas & Field Level Encryption / mongocrytpd / Heroku

Our app is hosted on Heroku, and thus we don’t have the immediate/simple ability to spawn a mongocryptd process.

Data is hosted on a Mongo Atlas 5.0 cluster.

A GitHub issue* suggests that:

“MongoDB Atlas claims that you can use your database URI as a mongocryptd process.”

…using configuration:

         autoEncryption: {
             extraOptions: { mongocryptdURI: ATLAS_MONGO_URI }

…however, we’re not having any luck with this approach and are unsure if it’s even true.

Question then is:

  • Can we point mongocryptdURI to a Mongo Atlas URI?
  • …or do we have to run mongocryptd ourselves? (and find an alternate solution to Heroku)

Thanks in advance.