Mongodb atlas do not show collections but transaction is correctly done

Hello I am developing a web service. In this process, I use mongodb atlas.
I use spring boot framework and spring data mongoDB.

I am doing transaction using mongoDB and it work correctly. But, that results not showing in mongoDB atlas. So, I delete that database and In spring, set another database to connection. But, work correctly and not showing in mongoDB atlas.

I think, mongodb is working correctly but mongoDB atlas do not showing because of problems that I don’t know.

If anyone knows the reason, could you tell me?

Even now, MongoDB atlas shows that no database exists, but it is performing normally in spring code.

Hi @QA_Jay - Welcome to the community!

I’m afraid i’m not quite too sure what you mean by the following:

Do you have more information you could provide including the operation being performed as well as how you are verifying that the results are not showing up in Atlas? Example: Are you using the MongoDB Atlas Data explorer UI after inserting / updating some documents to monitor for the changes?


Did you tried to refresh the GUI?

Atlas GUI or Compass does not automatically refresh, for good reasons, when the underlying data changes.