MongoDB ATLAS Credits for Hackathon

We’re so glad to have so many participants onboard already, but for new joiners, or for those would couldn’t make the orientation, don’t forget, we have $100 of Atlas Credits for all participants to use. Simply register for Atlas (see Resources for details) and then once registered, go to the Billing tab and enter the code -


to redeem the $100 of credits!!

(if you’ve any issues with this, just post a reply below)


Hi Shane. I recently imported more data into my cluster and even though I have added the promo code as instructed above, I still get an error saying that I have exceeded my storage limit (512MB for the free tier)

I then tried to upgrade my cluster and while adding the promo code there again, I get an Invalid Code error probably because I have used it already?

Please, I would like some help with this.
CC: @Avik_Singha

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Hello @Fiewor_John
did you upgrade your cluster? Adding the code will add the credits to your account but not change the sizing of your cluster.

To upgrade click on Edit Configuration

Then, on the next screen, click on “dedicated” (upper left side) and on M10 (further down).
The settings are well documented, if in doubt go with the default.

You have to confirm your choice to upgrade, wait shortly and then you should be all set.
Please do not forget to terminate your cluster when you are done. The credits do not last forever :wink:



Thank you for your helpful answer!

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