mongoDB Atlas community edition( kotlin ) connection with mongo compass 1.40.4 edition


PROBLEM: I can´t connect Mongo Compass with mongoDB Atlas (community edition). I use kotlin driver. I use IntelliJ editor.
The connection provided by MongoDB Atlas is:

I completed the user with my data in Mongo Atlas and added a password. The mongoDB works fine.

I tried to upload here the compiler result to show the data, i couldn´t because I new .

I download mongo compass, update to 1.40.4 edition.
when open Compass from my desktop, it shows:

URI: mongodb://localhost:27017/

I read the documentation, but honesty I couldn´t solve by myself.

this is primary connection in mongodb atlas in cluster0 project:

which data i have to include in the URI to connect Compass with my Mongodb cluster0?
Thanks a lot.

If you’re trying to connect with the cluster0 hosted in Atlas, then it would probably be:

If you’re having trouble using that connection string and Compass then please provide any error messages.


Dear Jason,
your suggest works pretty fine.
I had forgotten include"+srv" at the beginning.
Thanks a lot.