MongoDB Atlas Charts...Only Showing White Screen

I’m trying to create a dashboard chart; however, after hitting “select” as soon as I choose the collection, I’m presented with just a blank white screen (see attached image). I have tried to google to read past instances happening, but a resolution was never posted for it. This has been happening to me since Sunday and it’s currently Tuesday.

I have tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. I have also cleared my cache/cookies. My internet connection is fine.

Hi @CityGirlLuv, sorry to hear you are having problems. The community forums aren’t the best way to resolve problems like this. Could you please click the Chat button in the bottom-right corner of the page and explain the problem? That will get our support team involved and we can uncover more technical details that should help us resolve the issue.

Thank you, and I have. But I noticed this was asked before here in the forums, and while they were answered, it didn’t have the resolution nor were they told it couldn’t be asked here. Just figured I’d restart the thread as it was about a year old.