MongoDB Atlas behind corporate proxy


I’m considering adopting MongoDB Atlas for my project.
However, there seems to be an issue with connecting to MongoDB Atlas from my Python application (hosted in-house) within corporate network due to proxy/ firewall restrictions.
(I have white listed my IP on Atlas)

Is there a proven solution to get over this?
If so, I’d greatly appreciate hearing about any solutions or workarounds you’ve implemented.

You’ll have to talk to your IT people about that.

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It definitely sounds like you’ll need to talk to your IT or Security teams to solve the firewall restrictions, assuming they’ve limited outgoing requests to HTTP/S.

I’d recommend temporarily whitelisting all IP addresses, just in case, to see if that works, but if you really can’t connect to your MongoDB cluster, then you might be able to work with the Atlas Data API, that allows you to query your database using HTTPS calls. It’s a lot less efficient, and will require a bit more work in your application, because the driver isn’t available to take some of that work away for you.