MongoDB and the Pi 4 on Ubuntu 64-bit (aka ARMv8.0-A support)

According to the documentation MongoDB requires a ARMv8.2-A processor.

The Pi 4 has Cortex-A72 cores (I can’t link that), which has a ARMv8.0-A architecture, which seems to indicate that it should not work. There are however guides for installing MongoDB on the Pi. Does it actually work (and the documentation is problematic) or was the instructions adapted from other platforms without actually being tested?

(That note is there at least back to the MongoDB 4.4 documentation)

(The Pi 3 has an even older Cortex-A53 core, which should have the same issue)

trying this build out and indeed getting illegal instruction with a core dump - am thinking it needs older version than the compatibility matrix (6.0.4+, and 6.0.3+ not sure how to read that) suggests, or it flat out just doesn’t work , so not really clear which version for the Cortex A72 in the RaspberryPI 4B

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The blog post from Sept 2022 has systemctl output showing 2020-08-09 08:09:07 UTC; 4s ago, so I suspect that someone might have adapted the instructions from another platform without actually testing it…

An official response would be useful - does Mongo require a ARMv8.2 CPU or does it work on the Raspberry Pi 3/4?


The Pi platform is not officially supported at the time of this writing.

However, in my personal capacity I have built the server from source and have instructions and binaries sitting on Github. I personally have been running one of these 6.x binaries on a Pi 4 for ~6 months with sensors writing to a time-series collection. Feel free to file an issue on that repo if you run into issues with the binaries or instructions.


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