MongoDB also stores business rules that trigger alarms and notifications?

I got this “MongoDB also stores business rules that trigger alarms and notifications” from this link . How this can be achieved?

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there are various ways to archive this, my vote would go for Realm functions initiated by triggers / change streams. Since this is not a University question I have moved this to an appropriate category and like to encourage one of the subject experts to pickup.


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Thanks Micheal for the reply. I guess Realm function is something like AWS Lambda or Azure functions. That’s a great way. Also I would like to know if it’s possible by any out-of-the-box feature of MongoDB or Atlas?

I am not aware of any out-of-the-box business rule “builder” - if I am mistaken I like to ask others to hook in.
@Trial_Run do you have an example of your expectation for a feature like this?

Hi Micheal, We have currently in house MongoDB server clusters running in AWS VMs, and our alert engine runs on AWS lambda. But to process alerts we are fetching a good chunk of data from our mongodb cluster every time. We have placed a few aggregation rules to reduce data fetch. But I was looking for some feature in MongoDB or Atlas to further reduce data fetch. Then I got that document where Bosch is leveraging a feature like that, but I could not find anything about it in MongoDB documents, hence though to check with community.

Hi @Trial_Run,

The most relevant out-of-the-box feature for this use case is Realm Triggers. Realm Triggers execute Realm Functions based on database events (using change streams), authentication events (using MongoDB Realm authentication providers), or scheduled events based on a regular schedule that you define.

MongoDB Realm functions can integrate additional service providers including some built-in integrations such as AWS, Twilio, and GitHub as well as external services and webhooks via HTTP/HTTPS.

MongoDB Realm functionality is part of the MongoDB Atlas cloud service. The change streams feature used by Realm Triggers is also available in MongoDB Community Server, but you would have to build your own service layer for triggers & functions in an on-premises deployment.