MongoDb 7.0 ReplicaSet Cluster Setup


We want to setup a mongodb cluster for MongoDB 7.0 community edition on Windows. However, there is no documentation on windows.

I also checked the installation and MongoDb Tools. There is no mongosh file. we have “mongos.exe”

Please share the detailed documentation on how to setup Mongodb cluster with Mongodb 7.0 on Windows Servers

Hi @Gaurav_Vij,

From the documentation:


I have read through all of these links. there is no “mongosh” in windows installer. There is “mongos” but it doesn’t work.

Hi @Gaurav_Vij,
Is named mongo Shell.


It is a separate download, it is under the MongoDB Tools link that @Fabio_Ramohitaj posted.

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Its not even in MongoDB Tools. I have downloaded the latest version 189

Hi @Gaurav_Vij,
As mentioned from @chris, Is a separate download.
As shown in the following picture:

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May you have not set ENV path in windows

Please go to

Windows Serach → ENV

Open Environment Variables →

Open Environment Variables → set inside path

This is closed. the mongoshell exe when downloaded worked.

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