MongoDB 7.0.0 is released

MongoDB 7.0 is now live and ready to download! Key highlights with this release include the ability to modify time series data, new operators and variables for aggregation pipelines, compound wildcard indexes, enhancements to change streams, and Queryable Encryption (equality query support). For more on the new features and enhancements, be sure to check out the 4 Big Reasons to Upgrade to MongoDB 7.0.

You can also review the release notes to learn more about the new features as well as the upgrade procedures and instructions on how to report an issue.

Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge the following community members who have contributed to this release:

Abdulrahman Kanaan, Alex Blex, Andres P, Andy Artemev, Awanish Raj, Benno Leslie, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, Bouke Haarsma, Daniel Hegener, David Holland, Gianluca Nitti, Ian Springer, Jack Park, James Stocker, Johan Maupetit, Joseph Ferguson, Kane You, Keith Bostic, Khem Raj, Konstantin Trushin, Mohamed Akram, Naynish Chaughule, Philipp Trulson, Ralf Strobel, R K, Robert Beekman, Robert Simmons, Ryan Schmidt, Shlomo Shriki, Stefan de Jong, Steve Micallef, Tad Marshall, Tedi Roca, Ulf Rößler, Vitalii K., Wernfried Domscheit, Wojciech Waga, XD Yang, yu chengye, Łukasz Gębicki

MongoDB 7.0 Release Notes | Changelog | Downloads

– The MongoDB Team


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