MongoDB 6.0.4 is released

MongoDB 6.0.4 is out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 6.0.3, and is a recommended upgrade for all 6.0 users.

Fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-70237 Chunks merge commit must not create a BSON object too large
  • SERVER-71759 dataSize command doesn't yield
  • SERVER-72222 MapReduce with single reduce optimization fails when merging results in sharded cluster
  • SERVER-72416 The find and findAndModify projection code does not honor the collection level collation
  • WT-9268 Delay deletion of the history store record to reconciliation
6.0 Release Notes | All Issues | All Downloads

As always, please let us know of any issues.

-- The MongoDB Team

does the queryable encryption stable for this version? or is it in beta or still public preview?
otherwise what ould be the anticipated date for its stability release?

How do minor version upgrades work for Atlas? My cluster options just say 6.0. Do i have to enable auto upgrades to get minor version upgrades?

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