Mongodb 6.0.2 - Time Series sharding

i’m using a docker container with mongodb image 6.0.2 (Docker hub)
i configured successfull the sharding with 2 shards, and 3 replicas per shard.

The sharding is working properly on the normal collections, but when i try to shard a timeseries collections, i got this error:

the command i’m using is the following:

   { "metadata.sensorId": 1 },
      timeseries: {
         timeField: "timestamp",
         metaField: "metadata",
         granularity: "hours"

How can i solve this problem? looking at the documentation, this feature is avaiable since 5.1.


Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Andrei_Goncear !

Was this a fresh installation of MongoDB server or were you upgrading from an earlier version?

Can you check the version of the MongoDB deployment you are connected to using the MongoDB shell:


… and the featureCompatibilityVersion (fCV):

	getParameter: 1,
	featureCompatibilityVersion: 1

As you noted, Sharding a Time Series Collection is supported in MongoDB 5.1+. Both of the above commands should report a 6.0 server version.


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Thank you! This was the solution:

before i had this version, then upgrading with:

db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: "6.0" } )

has worked like a charm!
Thank you a lot

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