MongoDB 5.1.0 is released

MongoDB 5.1 is the first rapid release that marks our accelerated release cadence bringing you more native time series enhancements, the ability to execute richer analytics, more optionality with regards to security, and overall platform resilience and developer productivity innovations. MongoDB 5.1 and all future rapid releases are fully supported on MongoDB Atlas and are available as development releases only from our download center.

  • Time series collections will now be able to take advantage of MongoDB’s native sharding capabilities to horizontally distribute massive data sets and enable local write operations. New support for densification will allow users to better handle missing data while the new ability to execute delete operations will enable them to more easily comply with regulations such as right to erasure.
  • New features and enhancements that make it easier to unlock insights from your data and improve user experience include
    • Support for sharded $lookup and $graphLookup that allow users to combine and traverse related data across sharded datasets.
    • Aggregation pipelines that will be able to execute on a secondary with $out and $merge operators to isolate resource-intensive analytics queries to dedicated nodes. This will be exposed in drivers in their upcoming releases.
  • Extending beyond cloud key management services, Client-Side Field Level Encryption will integrate with any KMIP-compliant KMS. This functionality is being released in new versions of drivers that will be available soon.
MongoDB 5.1 Release Notes

-- The MongoDB Team