MongoDB 5.0.0 is released

Introducing MongoDB 5.0, the next generation of the world’s most wanted database. With 5.0 you can build new classes of operational and analytical workloads faster while future-proofing, scaling, and securing them in ways that are ahead of other databases.

Be sure to tune in to today and tomorrow to learn more about the exciting new features! You can also review the release notes for more detail on everything that’s new, along with upgrade procedures and instructions on how to report an issue.

Here is a look at what’s new and improved in MongoDB 5.0:

Native Time Series Support in our Data Platform

  • Designed for IoT, financial, and ecommerce applications, our new time series collections, clustered indexing, and window functions make it easier, faster, and lower cost to build and run time series applications. MongoDB automatically optimizes your schema for high storage efficiency, low latency queries, and real time analytics against time series data.
  • Time series collections sit right alongside regular collections in a MongoDB database so that you can efficiently blend time series data with your enterprise data within a single system.
  • When you run MongoDB 5.0 in Atlas, our application data platform eliminates the time and the complexity of having to stitch together multiple technologies yourself. You can manage the entire time series data lifecycle in MongoDB – from ingestion, storage, querying, real-time analysis, and visualization through to online archiving (coming soon) as data ages.


  • The Versioned API future-proofs your applications. You can fearlessly upgrade to the latest MongoDB releases without introducing backward-breaking changes that require application-side rework. Using the new versioned API decouples the app lifecycle from the database lifecycle, so you only need to update your application when you want to introduce new functionality, not when you upgrade your database.
  • With Live Resharding you can horizontally scale-out your workloads across racks and regions without friction. As your workloads grow and evolve, you can change the shard key for your collection on-demand with no database downtime or complex migrations.

Next-Gen Privacy & Security:

  • Now with native key management support for Amazon KMS, Azure Vault, and Google Cloud KMS, MongoDB’s Client-Side Field Level Encryption brings some of the strongest data privacy controls available to multi-cloud databases. With MongoDB 5.0 you can now also reconfigure your audit log filters and rotate x509 certificates without downtime, enabling you to maintain a strict security posture with no interruption to your applications.

Other MongoDB 5.0 Features and Improvements

Accelerating developer productivity and application performance across more workloads:
  • Long-Running Snapshot Queries (preview): Support for complex queries over large data sets that can run against replicas and across sharded clusters, maintaining snapshot isolation guarantees without impacting the performance of your live, transactional workloads
  • Schema validation: Now easier and more user-friendly to enforce data governance with descriptive error messages generated whenever an operation fails validation, helping you identify and remediate code errors faster.

Even higher database resilience and efficiency

  • Default majority write concern: Elevates MongoDB’s default write behavior to the (w:majority) concern. Operations will commit only when they have been applied to the primary and have been persisted to the journals of a majority of replicas, providing stronger durability guarantees out of the box.
  • Resumable index builds: Reducing the impact of planned maintenance to your users, in-flight index builds will now automatically resume from where they left off after a node restarts.

Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge the following community members who have contributed to this release:

Adam Flynn, aditya, adrien petel, Alexander Babayants, Alice classy, am z, Ashish Madeti, Carlos Rodríguez Hernández, Chan Lewis, Dan Dascalescu, David Bartley, David Ribba, Dmitri Shubin, Frank Trampe, Gavin AIken, Harsh Kumar, Hemant Jain, Igor Solodovnikov, Jan S., jeason chan, Jeffrey Phillips Freeman, Jingcheng Li, John Manko, Joshua Weinstein, Julien Moutte, Junhan Lee, Kin Wai Cheung, Konrad Baumgart, Manan Shah, Mark Weaver, Michael ., Mohammed Sulthan, Oliver Yeh, Owen Allen, pan chen, Philipp Trulson, Piotr Kubaj, Piotr Kubaj, Ralf Strobel, Raunak Jhawar, Roberth Godoy, Scott D'Aquila, Sebastian Mayr, Tad Marshall, Tomáš Herceg, Tsahi Zidenberg, Valeri Karpov, yingdongyuan, Zhao Yuan.

MongoDB 5.0 Release Notes | Changelog | Downloads

– The MongoDB Team