MongoDB 4.2.8 is released

MongoDB 4.2.8 is out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 4.2.7, and is a recommended upgrade for all 4.2 users.

Fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-46897 REMOVED node may never send heartbeat to fetch newest config
  • SERVER-47799 AsyncRequestsSender should update replica set monitor in between retries for InterruptedAtShutdown
  • SERVER-47994 Fix for numerical overflow in GeoHash
  • SERVER-48307 Transactions that write to exactly one shard and read from one or more other shards may incorrectly indicate failure on retry after successful commit
  • WT-6366 Off-by-one overflow in block-modification bitmaps for incremental backup

4.2 Release Notes | All Issues | Downloads

As always, please let us know of any issues.

– The MongoDB Team