MongoDB 4.0.26-rc0 is released

MongoDB 4.0.26-rc0 is out and is ready for testing. This is a release candidate containing only fixes since 4.0.25. The next stable release 4.0.26 will be a recommended upgrade for all 4.0 users.

Fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-57064 Log create index and dropIndex(es) on mongos
  • SERVER-56779 Do not use the collection distributed lock for chunk merges
  • SERVER-56452 Self anchor in PooledLDAPConnection::setup's callback
  • SERVER-56240 Turn on checkpointing for the keystore Data Store
  • SERVER-56054 Change minThreads value for replication writer thread pool to 0
4.0 Release Notes | All Issues | Downloads

As always, please let us know of any issues.

-- The MongoDB Team
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