MongoDB 3.6.19 is released

MongoDB 3.6.19 is out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 3.6.18, and is a recommended upgrade for all 3.6 users.

Fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-39241 Plan scoring incorrectly applies noFetchBonus bonus to all plans when no projection is provided
  • SERVER-42525 Single-node replica sets shouldn't wait for electable caught up secondaries during shutdown
  • SERVER-46487 The mongos routing for scatter/gather ops can have unbounded latency
  • SERVER-47745 Make chunk query in ShardingCatalogManager compatible with chunks created in 3.4
  • SERVER-47994 Fix for numerical overflow in GeoHash
  • SERVER-49233 Introduce a flag to toggle the logic for bumping collection's major version during split

3.6 Release Notes | All Issues | Downloads

As always, please let us know of any issues.

– The MongoDB Team