MongoDB 101 and Gaming Mombasa

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About this event

MongoDB Community will be in Mombasa exploring MongoDB technology basics, cloud technology and the impact it has on building games.

One of the very interesting developments in tech is in Gaming . And with the evolution of the Internet, and with more capable devices and technology, comes the advent of online gaming. One of the things MongoDB does very well is store unstructured data, which is ideal for Games and Gaming Backends. We shall explore this concept in brief.

The NoSQL and Document Storage for MongoDB allows very high flexibility when it comes with storing, retrieving and analysing highly unstructured datasets - which also makes it an ideal technology in the development of Games. In this series we will examine the role MongoDB can play as a backend server in the ever evolving world of Games.


  • Introductions

  • MongoDB Overview

    • Documents: The Records in a Document Database
    • Collections: Grouping Documents
    • Replica Sets: Ensuring High Availability
    • Sharding: Scalability to Handle Massive Data Growth
    • Indexes: Improving Query Speed
    • Aggregation Pipelines: Fast Data Flows
    • Programming Languages: Does MongoDB Speak Your Language?
    • MongoDB Cloud (Atlas)
  • Gaming in MongoDB

  • Roundtable

  • Networking

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge
  • Networking
  • Career
  • Skills

This community is for MongoDB users, data scientist/analysts, AI, IoT, backend developers, ML developers, cloud computing and anyone interested in emerging data technologies. MongoDB community is where the world’s fastest-growing data community comes to connect, explore, and learn.

Welcome to the MongoDB community, Come to learn, stay to connect.

We will have swag, pizza, wine, juice, beer, and great conversations! We are excited to see you all soon!

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Requirements for attendees:


Michael Kimathi

Michael Kimathi

Impact Masters & AfricasTalking

Consulting Entrepreneur & Developer Relations Community

Ahmed Maawy

Ahmed Maawy

Streamlytics, VP of Engineering

Japheth Obala

Japheth Obala

Microsoft, Software Engineer