Mongod is not started

I FTDC [ftdc] Unclean full-time diagnostic data capture shutdown detected, found interim file, some metrics may have been lost. OK

please help:
MOngodb 4.0 version
replica set : this node was primary, not no node of replica set is starting.


Hi @Aayushi_Mangal, it’s great to see you around here in the community forums.

Interestingly enough I just had my MongoDB Docker container crash and when I restarted MongoDB I had the same message in my log file. Even with the message however the mongod process started and continued to run. Are you seeing other errors in the log files?

You can remove the FTDC folder as it just contains diagnostic data that may or may not be useful to you.

Are you saying that none of your replica set members are starting? The failure that the PRIMARY node had with FTDC shouldn’t have caused problems with the other nodes. Again, what errors are you seeing in the log files for the nodes that are not starting?

W NETWORK [ReplicaSetMonitor-TaskExecutor] Unable to reach primary for set repl01

Yes, no primary node found, and other replication member is not restarting because, of priority 0 is set .

as a last resort, i have executed mongod with --repair.

The default config file included when installing MongoDB via a package manager typically sets /data/db as the database path.

/var/lib/mongodb is where your mongodb installation files are (I assume).

Take a look at your config file and see if you can find

    dbPath: <Path>

That path needs to point to where your MongoDB server was storing its data files. If that isn’t /data/db , you need to figure out where your mongo files were stored.

If you were running MongoDB 3.2+, then try searching your filesystem for WiredTiger.wt . I’m not sure what to look for if you were running mmap as the storage engine.

Hello @Alfred_Williams,

Thank you for your response.
Yes, using 4.0 version, but could you please explain why to look at WiredTiger.wt file, if replica set members are unable to reach.

At the end we drop our local database and need to reiniatalize the replica set and re-add the member to make the cluster up and running again.

Do you have any other methods/process to do so.

No but thanks for the response.