Mongod.conf in Synology DSM 6.2.3 aprox

My name is Jose. I 've just installed mongodb in a synology ( Someone knows where is it installed mongod.conf in a Synology DSM 6.2.3 please? I need find mongod.conf to configure and can not see is in /etc/…
Thank you in advance

You must have used docker,container,shared folder concepts while install
Check volumes from your docker-composer.yml
It will show mapping of your localhost
docker or Synology forums can help you more

At first, thank you for your reply. But a I don’t have Docker in my synology system (DSM), I installed mongodb and runs correctly, but I would like to connect by Robomongo or similar program to manage my database remotly and need to change mongod.conf but I am not have any file in my system. I am using ( [armada/xp]

I do not think that the file mongod.conf is the file you need to change to connect with robomongo or others. This file is the configuration file of the server. With Compass, you would simply specify the host name of your NAS and it will connect. I am pretty sure robomongo is similar.

Third party packaged.

A config file is not required to run mongod. Looking at the package it does not look like configuration is done.

If you crate your own configuration file you can execute with mongod -f /path/to/config

If I follow the link you provide the version is really old (v3.2.1).

Great! Thank you now It is Working done! I had to create mongod.conf file and launch mongod with your point parameter “-f \path\mongod.conf” but it is a really old version and some parameters run in the mongod line as “–bind_ip 192.168.1.x” or “–auth” I can not run a Docker version in my NAS so I use this method. Thank you very much.

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