MongoCompass theme update and the font

There is a ‘compass’ tag but no category, so I’m writing this in “Other MongoDB Topics”.

It seems like I had an update on MongoCompass yesterday, and when I open it today, it has a different theme. It starts with a light theme (which I like) but one thing that stood out as annoying as the font.


I have a collection called acc_adj_rate and the readability of this font isn’t so good especially when I have a blurry vision.

On the same line, config and local have the similar problem.

It’s cool that Mongo decided to set the light theme as a default theme (I think dark theme is overrated lol) but I wish there is a support for the previous theme including the font, or have an option to choose font.

I mean, when any big services update, don’t they put in legacy theme and stuff? I had ZERO complaints regarding the font in the previous version, but this version’s font really makes you pay a close attention to circular alphabets like a, o, e, and c .

I love Compass. Please consider adding them in. I guess I’ll have to use the previous version of Compass if there is a way to roll it back.

Hi @Man_Chul and welcome back to the community forum!!

I appreciate you taking time for a valuable feedback regarding the interface issues you are facing with the current version. You could perhaps raise this as a feedback using the MongoDB feedback engine.

In saying so, could you provide the version and OS that you are using, which makes it easier to raise the concern to the respective team.

Also, to switch back to the previous version, you could select the appropriate version from MongoDB Compass Download | MongoDB and download the respective version for the use.

Let us know if you have any further queries.

Best Regards

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