MongoBI data not showing when using nested arrays

Hello all,

I use the MongoBI connector to get MongoDB data in PostgreSQL. That works like a charm but, I now need to get the data from an array that lives in an array. Our MongoDB database is filled with JSON documents. I use mongodrdl to sample the collection and to make a schema. However when I try to get the data from the MySQL side of de BI connector, the values in the nested array are all NULL. I can use an SQL query to get the records within the nested array that contain data, but not the actual data. So the MongoDB site of the query works fine but the data is not properly passed to the MySQL representation. I tried to sample with and without the option --preJoined.

I use MongoDB 4.2 and MongoBI v2.13.4

Has anyone encountered this behaviour and solved it?

Thanks Klaasjan

The DRDL schema file looks to be good (there are two $unwind commands for the parent and the child array)