Mongo working in NAS

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Im trying to find if is it possible to have a mongo database running on a NAS .
If yes is there any tutorial so i can read it ?
Im using community version .

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It all depends on what NAS you have and what operating system it’s running. Some are locked down and some are more flexible, some have interfaces for running docker as well.

For example:

To be honest just google your NAS and MongoDB and see what pops up to start with.

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i was thinking to get one asustor to work with nvme ssd … i will check if there is any tutorial for that model


Looks like they have an app download on their pages BUT it’s an ancient version:,License%20and%20the%20Apache%20License.

Looks like those boxes support using Portainer to manage a local docker engine:

So if you want to use a more modern install that may be way to go, Mongo have an official image from what I can see:

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I thought I recognised the form factor of some of those, LTT did a video of on them

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its exactly what i mean , just dont know if it works , i was in work and didnt make any browsing about it .