Mongo stops responding to writes and reads when a member on replicaSet goes down, not supposed

Hey all,

I have the same issue as this user: mongodb - Why did writes stop working when a secondary in my replica set went down? - Stack Overflow

In resume, I have the same issue for my replicaSet with 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 arbiter. When I stop the secondary my whole system stops working, in the Java backend I got errors like this one: UncategorizedMongoDbException nested exception is com.mongodb.MongoInterruptedException - I simply cannot read or write, it’s really bad. My rs.config - all members have 1 vote; primary has priority 2; secondary has priority 1; and arbiter has priority 0. Why is this happening? My mongo connection is configured like this replicaSet=rs01&readPreference=primary&w=1&readConcernLevel=local

Any ideas? When I have low I/O like 50/100 writes per second it’s ok, but when I have writes around 1000/s it’s when the system just stop when primary or secondary goes down. Even with a graceful shutdown this happens… And the system does not recover until both are active and running.