Mongo sink connector config

Hi guys, i using kafka connect to replicate database from postgresql to mongodb. In source connector side, i use debezium postgresql connector to capture events from postgresql database and push message to 3 topics corresponding with 3 events: update/insert/delete. My question is: how can i config mongo sink connector to push CRUD document base on value of field “source.table” in message record?
This is example message from kafka connecto

	"before": null,
	"after": {
		"id": 3815,
		"shift_id": 30,
		"plan_id": 1317,
		"plan_status": 3,
		"created_at": 1672667143000,
		"updated_at": 1672667143000,
		"deleted_at": null,
		"created_by": 1,
		"updated_by": 1,
		"deleted_by": null
	"source": {
		"version": "2.2.1.Final",
		"connector": "postgresql",
		"name": "source",
		"ts_ms": 1698380116989,
		"snapshot": "false",
		"db": "database_name",
		"sequence": "[null,\"1017130048\"]",
		"schema": "public",
		"table": "shift_plans",
		"txId": 1320,
		"lsn": 1017130048,
		"xmin": null
	"op": "u",
	"ts_ms": 1698380117364,
	"transaction": null