Mongo shuts down with signal 15

I’m running Mongo 4.4 in docker among with a dockerize frontend and backend, and mongo suddenly shuts down, not even in the middle of an operation. These are the verbose logs:

msg\":\"Received signal\",\"attr\":{\"signal\":15,\"error\":\"
msg\":\"Signal was sent by kill(2)\",\"attr\":{\"pid\":
msg\":\"will terminate after current cmd ends\"}\n","stream":"
msg\":\"Stepping down the ReplicationCoordinator for shutdown\",\"attr\":{\"waitTimeMillis\":
msg\":\"Shutting down the MirrorMaestro\"}\n","stream":"stdout","
msg\":\"Shutting down the WaitForMajorityService\"}\n","stream":"stdout","
msg\":\"Shutting down the LogicalSessionCache\"}\n","stream":"stdout","
msg\":\"Shutdown: going to close listening sockets\"}\n","stream
msg\":\"removing socket file\",\"attr\":{\"path\":\"/tmp/mongodb-27017.sock

and so on til is down…
I’ve read here that some other process send signal 15 to terminate mongo.
What could possibly be going on?
Thank’s in advance for your help.

Hi @juan_martin2 welcome to the community!

It appears that the mongod received a terminate signal, and duly obeyed by killing itself. In that end, the mongod is behaving as expected, and correctly.

Unfortunately beyond that knowledge, we have no other hints as to what sends this signal, and why.

You may be able to know more by maybe looking at the logs of other apps you have? Perhaps you can find the culprit by selectively turning on your apps, and check at what point the mongod process shuts down? This way you can narrow down the possibilities.

Best regards

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